Creative cold drink to start off the Summer!

[16 Apr / feature]

Our April's Globally Inspired Coffee is here. Inspired by Cuban's coffee drinking culture, Café Cubano is a cold drink topped with our unique twist on espumita, a frothy crema sweetend with cane sugar. Available till the end of April. Swing by and try it today!

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Prepare yourself, the new menu has launched

[02 Mar / feature]

To continually bring you all delicacies whilst enjoying our coffees, we have modified and came up with some new food items. Sneak peek? Just drop by any of our outlets and check it out

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Teaser of this month's Globally Inspired Coffee

[04 Mar / feature]

Bali known for its rare and highly sought-after Kopi Luwak (cat dropping coffee), Bali is home to many local Balinese farmers who are very creative to plant variety of coffees including Robusta and Arabica.    
So what is in our drink inspired by Bali ? Come and check it out!

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Breaking News for Coffee Lovers!

[19 Jan / feature]

The very first National Aeropress Championship in Hong Kong, proudly co-host by The Coffee Academïcs 

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January's Special!

[13 Jan / feature]

Our January's Globally Inspried Coffee - The Mexican is released 

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events booking

Your Next Extraordinary Event Begins Here.

Exceptional food, specialty coffee and inspiring beverages are just a few benefits of hosting your next event at The Coffee Academics. Beautifully designed and full of character, The Coffee Academïcs serves as a perfect venue for chic entertaining. Your guests will surely enjoy the convenient locations in Causeway Bay and Wanchai, delectably prepared food items and expertly crafted beverages.

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