Roastery Lab Postcard Set
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Roastery Lab Postcard Set

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A limited-edition set of Postcards to mark the opening of Roastery Lab. 

This limited edition set of 13 informative postcards features beautiful imagery photographed by members of the coffee team who also have a passion for photography. Each postcard is informative and talks about the various facets of the Roastery Lab in an informative manner. 

1/ The Narrative
2/ Roastery Lab
3/ What is a micro-roastery
4/ Our location
5/ Cupping
6/ Beans to cup 44 hands
7/ Green beans storage
8/ Roastery 101
9/ Coffee Science
10/ Bullet
11/ Bespoke 
12/ 12%
13/ Geisen

Great as a collector's item or write a personal message on the back and send off to your coffee-loving friends or family.