06 Yunnan Baoshan Roasted Bean 200g
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06 Yunnan Baoshan Roasted Bean 200g

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100% of coffee beans roast on demand locally in HongKong

From our very own backyard, the famous Yunnan region of China comes a Catimor varietal from a Lu MingChun Farm at 1,200 m.a.s.l. Despite challenging circumstances, the stoic endeavour of the farmer gives us a smooth-bodied coffee that has beautiful almond, honey lemon, and caramel notes. With over 15,000 Catimor trees at the farm, this group of Lisu minority people harvests about 2 tons of coffee beans every year. Every sip of this selection contributes to their livelihoods in China.

Tasting Notes

Roasted Peanut | Hazelnut | Milk Chocolate


Longyang, Yunnan




Fully washed


1000 - 1200 m.a.s.l