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Jennifer W.F. Liu

Founder & Chairwoman
Brand Architect and Designer

Coffee is not just a beverage; it is a cultural connector with social significance

A well-established female entrepreneur, Jennifer W. F. Liu is the Brainchild, Artistic Creator, and Founder of The Coffee Academïcs.
For Jennifer, the love of coffee started at a young age through Sunday brunch with Dad. Graduating at Cornell University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, Jennifer’s heart remained close to Hong Kong and chose to return. A well-travelled globe trotter with a deep commitment to bringing all cultures, lifestyles, and new ideas through coffee and the arts, led to the eventual birth of The Coffee Academïcs. 

 A serial global entrepreneur with an expansive perspective and a stylish eye for detail, Jennifer is extremely accomplished in the architecture of a range of tenacious businesses and characteristic lifestyle brands. The fruition to her vision, creativity and hard work is evident and ubiquitous in Hong Kong and the rest of Asia alike. 

Major Awards

Throughout the years, Jennifer’s achievements were continually
recognized by numerous prestigious awards.

- GBA Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Awards 2019

- Named Top 25 Forbes’ Asia Power Businesswomen of 2019-2020
- Inside Retail Asia “Top 50 Innovative Retail Leaders in Hong Kong 2017”
- Gafencu Magazine “The 300 Most Powerful People in Hong Kong 2017”
- Jessica Magazine “ Most Successful Women” in 2017
- Gafencu Magazine “Hospitality Most Excellent Award” in 2016
- Women Development Association of HK “Most Outstanding Women of Hong Kong” in 2016 
- Piaget Award for Excellence of Entrepreneurship” in 2015
- Capital Magazine “CEO of the Year” in both 2007 & 2014
- City Magazine “18 Notable Women in Social Business 2014”
- CEO Magazine “Best Hospitality Group of Hong Kong 2013”
- Design and Architecture, Perspective Magazine “40 under 40” in 2012
- South China Morning Post “25 Women of our Time 2012”


Social Contributions

A passionate social advocate, Jennifer actively serves in various important public service positions and NGO foundations. 

This includes being a co-convener of NarrativeHK (2012), an NGO to explore Hong Kong’s common visions where over 5000 beneficiaries from the under-privileged sector gained from its initiatives and being on the Environmental Campaign Committee of HKSAR (2012).
Notably, Jennifer expands her contribution to social development with her personal foundation; the JWF Charitable Foundation (2012), an NGO aiming to support Hong Kong’s under-privileged children in the developments of the arts, innovation and creativity. Jennifer also founded the Weekend Upcycling Workshop (2014), an NGO to serve as a platform for families and young professionals in need to diminish their social gaps through a series of 9 annual innovative workshops promoting sustainable lifestyles.

Major Public Offices

As an artist and a strong patron of the arts, Jennifer also sits on the committee of the Hong Kong Philharmonic and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and continues to play an active role in the following prominent foundations and committees

- Offices Founder Member & Vice Chairman of L & T Charitable Foundation Ltd
- Member of All-China Women’s Federation Hong Kong Delegates Association
- Advisor of Our Hong Kong Foundation
- Committee Member of “Business for Social Good” of Our Hong Kong Foundation
- Social Enterprise Advisory Committee of HKSAR Government
- Rehabilitation Advisory Committee of HKSAR Government
- Board Member of Wofoo SITE Heartware Ambassador Board Programme
- Trustee of Design Trust
- Hong Kong Ambassador of Design Director of Po Leung Kuk 2018–2021

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