Our Story

TCA Roastery

Since inauguration, The Coffee Academïcs has been passionate in making specialty coffee accessible and playing the role in raising the appreciation of specialty coffee through a pedagogical approach. In 2017, Roastery/LAB was born in Central Peel Street. This lab is a combination of micro-roastery and coffee lab where you can explore the art & science of specialty coffee, from green bean storage, roasting to coffee science and cupping session, you can experience a holistic sensory journey here.

This year we opened the second Roastery/LAB at IFC, with our new Bespoke Coffee Blending service where customers can tailor-make their one and only coffee blend with one-on-one consultation by our coffee specialists. We also provide a wide range of design selection that reflects your personality, history and the stories you have to share - we promise Bespoke Custom Blending will be the most unique and thoughtful gifting idea for your loved ones or any occasion.


自開創以來,咖啡學研一直致力透過教學去提升大眾對精品咖啡的認識。2017年,咖啡學研 於中環卑利街開設以Roastery/LAB為名的微型咖啡實驗室。您可以在這裡探索精品咖啡背後 的藝術與科學─從生豆貯存方法,烘焙咖啡豆到咖啡科學及咖啡杯測,您可以在這裡體驗全 面的感官旅程。

今年Roastery/LAB即將進駐國際金融中心,並推出全新的Bespoke Coffee Blending服務。顧 客通過咖啡專家提供的一對一諮詢,可以度身定制其獨一無二的咖啡。我們提供廣泛的包裝 設計,以反映顧客獨特的個性和品味 - Bespoke Custom Blending將成為您最獨特和貼心的贈 送佳品。


自开创以来,咖啡学研一直致力透过教学去提升大众对精品咖啡的认识。 2017年,咖啡学研 于中环卑利街开设以Roastery/LAB为名的微型咖啡实验室。您可以在这里探索精品咖啡背后 的艺术与科学─从生豆贮存方法,烘焙咖啡豆到咖啡科学及咖啡杯测,您可以在这里体验全 面的感官旅程。

今年Roastery/LAB即将进驻国际金融中心,并推出全新的Bespoke Coffee Blending服务。顾 客通过咖啡专家提供的一对一咨询,可以度身定制其独一无二的咖啡。我们提供广泛的包装 设计,以反映顾客独特的个性和品味 - Bespoke Custom Blending将成为您最独特和贴心的赠 送佳品。

Our Values


From bean to cup, 
40 pairs of hands go into crafting each cup of coffee 


Turn your interest into a passion and even get accredited by our coffee trainers


Committed to our coffeecommitted to our environment and local communities