Sustainability in TCA

Sustainability in TCA

Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) is a significant commitment on The Coffee Academïcs’ agenda. To make an exceptional cup of coffee, many hands contribute to the process. We make it a point to never forget the heroes behind every bean. Before we even begin our roasting work, we acknowledge the efforts of farmers and producers who we source our coffee beans from. Proudly, we work alongside Capricornio Coffees in Brazil that guarantee all our coffee bean farms are in compliance with international ecological, social, and economic standards. By working closely with farms and organisations that share our sustainability philosophy, we forge a positive social impact on smaller, less fortunate communities in the coffee industry.

On the other hand, we are also conscientious of our carbon footprint. It is a challenging task always to maintain recycling behaviours especially in such a commercial environment like Hong Kong. Nonetheless, The Coffee Academïcs strive to meet the expectations of our customers by carrying out initiatives to reduce waste. These include the following:

  1. Bring Your Own Cup (B.Y.O.C.)
    - TCA has been showing its support for the environment by encouraging customers to bring their own cups into our outlets. Customers who bring their own cups can enjoy HKD 3 reduction on beverages.
    - We also launched TCA stainless steel flasker in line with this environmental friendly campaign which encourages customers to dispose the use of paper cups.

  2. Esmeralda Geisha 601 BeCandle
    - A collaboration with local candle company to create an artisan soy candle that is made of the recycled coffee grounds of the exclusive Esmeralda 601 Geisha (1st Place, Best of Panama 2017).

  3. Upcycling Workshop - Coffee Tie Dye
    - TCA co-organised Coffee Tie Dye workshop with instructor from Giant Tie Dye in March 2018, with the use of our house blend coffee grounds.

  4. Biodegradable Takeaway Cutlery
    - All takeaway cutlery used in outlets or catering and events purpose are corn starch cutlery, which are not only eco-friendly but also toxic free (do not leach substances into food).

  5. Recycling Coffee Capsule
    - Since the launch of our House Blend Coffee Capsules, TCA has simultaneously launched an environmentally friendly campaign which encourages customers to bring their used coffee capsules back to TCA, whether is it from TCA or other coffee brands.

  6. Reusable Stainless Steel Straw
    - TCA provides reusable stainless steel straws in all outlets and is slowly phasing out plastic straws.

  7. Lid Free for Takeaway Orders
    - TCA staff educates customers by encouraging them not to use plastic lids for takeaway orders.

  8. IFC Pop-up Packaging (image to be shared)
    - The IFC Pop-up Store Packaging shows TCA’s further step towards innovation and sustainability. As shown in photo below, the carrier bag is foldable and biodegradable as it is 100% made of paper. This innovative design reflects TCA’s commitment in the sustainability journey and not to mention it is also much lighter than usual packaging!

In addition, we often partner with charities and socially or environmentally aware organisations, like the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation, to work on different projects that contribute positively to our world. Beyond that, our founder, Jennifer Liu, and her charity, the Jennifer W. F. Liu Charitable Foundation established in 2014, actively collaborates with The Coffee Academïcs to contribute to social development and bring awareness to social issues by setting up and participating in creative initiatives with a targeted focus on education and women. A key initiative is the Weekend Upcycling Workshops where social groups are invited to convoke and rethink waste management in Hong Kong (item 3 above).

As The Coffee Academïcs continue to strive for excellence in coffee experience, we will also continue to strive to promote excellence in our CSR and environmentally-friendly practices.